What's Next

What's Next

In the roughly seven years of our church's existence God has be extravagantly good to us. So what might the next seven years hold for us? That question excites us as leaders and also creates in us an urgency to be ready for whatever is next. Whether that is adding more services, starting another campus, planting another church, or sending people oversees. Whatever God may put before us we believe there are two big endeavors we need to focus on now in order to be positioned for whatever is next. Reducing debt and raising up leaders.

Reducing Debt:

By God’s grace we are currently in a good financial position. Our debt is just over $2 million, and our monthly payment is $12,000. Despite this, we believe the money being used to pay down our debt each month is money that could be put towards other ministry opportunities we see coming our way.

With an increase in attendance over the past few years, there are many who did not have the opportunity to contribute to past building projects. If those people and others made a commitment to give, we are confident we could wipe out our debt.

Therefore, we are asking you to prayerfully consider how you can contribute to help us be better positioned for whatever God may have next for us. On November 3, we will have a collection day where you can either give a one-time gift or make a pledge of what you plan to give by the close of 2020.

Raising Up Leaders:

However, the reality is we could be completely debt free and still not be in a position to respond to what is next without leaders. We need to be ready with more leaders. We have been blessed with so many amazing and committed leaders that give so much to the mission of making disciples, but with more ministry opportunities comes the need for more leader. Leaders that have been raised up and are willing and ready to be sent out to lead a connection group, discipling a growing number of people at our church. Or to potentially go and be a part of another campus in our city, or another church plant in our country, or on a ministry team somewhere oversees. In this next year, and beyond, we are committed to improving discipleship and leadership development at our church through improving connection group health, our leadership development processes, and providing deeper discipleship opportunities.

To be good stewards of what God is doing among us we want to position ourselves ready to respond to ministry needs and opportunities we believe are ahead of us. Ready both financial and with leaders to respond to whatever our amazing God has in store for us these next seven years?