Return to In-Person Gatherings

UPDATED ON 5/15/20
On May 24 we plan to begin our phased approach of returning to in-person gatherings at Veritas. We know some of you are eager to gather again physically and some of you would like to wait a while longer both are okay. During this time it's important we protect our unity in Christ and respect both opinions.

  • During our phases we will continue to livestream our worship gatherings, so the people who cannot attend due to our self-imposed size limitations can virtually worship with us.
  • As our in-person gatherings increase and become priority, our livestream will decrease in priority and eventually go away.
  • We will continue to post the message on the website on Sundays after the livestream is discontinued.
Veritas Kids
  • In the first phase of reopening Veritas Kids will not be available. Children are welcome to join their parents in the worship gathering, but due to the livestream, we ask that they be taken into the lobby if they become a disruption. The service will be shown on the TVs in the lobby and nursing mothers room.
Veritas Cafe & Resource Center
  • The Veritas Cafe & Resource Center will both be open.
  • The Veritas Cafe will be credit card or gift card only and will not be accepting cash. The menu will be limited to coffee (served by staff & volunteers), and bottled beverages. We will not be serving hot chocolate, chai or food items at this time.
  • Cafe volunteers will be wearing gloves while serving items.
  • The Resource Center will operate like normal accepting both cash and credit card sales.
  • How do invites work?
    • Mondays: We will email the members of 5 to 6 connection groups (depending on their size) to sign up for tickets for services.
    • Tuesdays: We will open tickets up to all connection group members.
    • Wednesdays: We will open any remaining tickets up to anyone who attends Veritas via our website and social media platforms.
  • How do I get a ticket?
    • Tickets will be available online and emailed out. One ticket will be sent per person attending to the email address specified.
  • Will I need to bring my ticket with me to attend?
    • Yes. Please be prepared to show your ticket(s) if requested. It can either be printed or shown on your phone.
Safety Precautions
Limiting the size of our gatherings is the priority that we're going to take in safely reopening. Secondary precautions will include:
  • Spacing out auditorium seating
  • Encouraging people to socially distance (through verbal and visual communication)
  • Having hand sanitizer as available as we can (because it's not readily available in mass quantities)
  • Having separate entrances and exits.
At this time, we will not be...
  • Requiring masks to be worn
  • Taking temperatures, although this may change when Veritas Kids begins.
  • Policing social distancing once people are in the building. People may personally practice social distancing measures, but we're not requiring them for the limited number of people coming into our building.
Vulnerable Populations and the Sick
  • If you, a family member, or someone you are caring for is a part of the “Vulnerable Population” to COVID-19, please feel free to stay at home and worship through the livestream.
  • If you are currently sick or showing symptoms of sickness, please stay at home.
We are extremely excited to start to gather together again, even in a limited capacity. In our excitement, we still want to act responsibly and with great wisdom. If you choose not to attend, we respect your decision and are happy that you can “join” us through our livestream.